We offer comprehensive and tailor-made solutions for cargo transport and logistics generating companies, at a national and international level.

We work so that companies in the sector meet their delivery commitments in an efficient, safe and timely manner.

Manage and control all the processes of your company, from the request of a customer service to billing and portfolio collection.

At the time you require it, regardless of the day or time, count on a team of experienced professionals to solve whatever may arise. We are here to accompany you always.

We know the importance of our sector , that is why we strive every day to be better , always seeking to provide a service of the highest quality and information security.

Trabajamos para que las empresas del sector cumplan con sus compromisos de entrega de manera eficiente, segura y oportuna
Silogtran by Colombia Software

Integrate everything with our modular operation system, the most complete and efficient.

With Silogtran (R) you have control of the information of the entire operation of your transport company, making the processes much more agile and efficient.

Integrate the basic information with the transport operation ,the handling of third parties, the clearance process, the billing and the international operation in a single management system.

Silogcarga by Colombia Software

Control and optimize the traceability of your cargo operation

Silogcargo® is the specialized solution for Cargo Generators to centralize information from their transport providers, control cargo traceability and generate reliable reports for the end customer.

Improve the quality of service you offer to your customers.

It is not enough to have an excellent product, it is essential to provide a quality service, that is why we created ToolProject®, the ideal complement for your cargo transport and logistics operation,since it is in charge of managing the requirements and assistance that your customers demand to offer them a better service.

Addressing support needs in a timely manner is the key to building trusting relationships with your customers.

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