managing accounts receivables

Manual methods of the past have made way for automated systems, which offer a more efficient, seamless process for managing AR. Automation improves the end-to-end invoicing process and ensures hands-off, accurate completion of mundane, repetitive tasks. Accounts receivable refers to the payments owed to a business by the customers. can you use a business bank account for personal use They represent lines of credit for previous purchases and act as recorded assets on the organization’s balance sheet. Because AR is considered both a legal obligation and current asset, customers must pay their balance within a year or less. These AI-powered solutions are tailored-made for companies of all industries and sizes.

You should also ensure that you’re making it as easy as possible for your client to pay invoices. For example, make sure your invoices are clear and complete, with no missing information that might cause your client’s accounting department to kick it out of the system for further review. If you want to excel at accounts receivable management, you have to be organized. Here are four simple ways to refine your accounts receivable management.

Send and Track Multi-Channel Reminders

It’s important to be proactive about accounts receivable management, and reach out to clients early on if there are any signs that they may not be able to pay their bill on time. This will give you more options for collections, such as repayment plans or debt recovery services. For example, it’s best to send timely reminders to customers between when an invoice is sent and when it’s due.

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You have to be able to rely on your process to make good decisions regarding the financial health and well-being of your company. By entering into an agreement with Corcentric for Managed AR, you are given the assurance of invoice payment for 100% of your invoices within the agreed number of days. If your average DSO is 45 days and you set a payment timeframe of 15 days with Corcentric Managed AR, you liberate working capital through this reduction in days sales outstanding (DSO).

Robust post-sales setup

The solution uses AI to accurately apply payments to customer invoices in your ERP. Over time, machine learning enables continuous optimization by predicting future matches to further reduce the need for manual effort and reliance on remittances. Good AR management maintains healthy relations with your customers and bolsters your business’s reputation. Having poor customer relations could affect your company’s client retention and its ability to get good deals in the future. It can also reduce the incidence of error and increase accuracy in your application process.

AR management consists of policies and procedures that maximize account management efficiency and minimize the risk of bad debt. However, if you manage your business finances well from the very beginning (and this includes setting up an effective accounts receivables policy), it will save you both money and stress in the long run. At no time is a department allowed to waive an uncollectable debt without submitting a write-off request to the Auxiliary Accounting Office. This not only includes unpaid invoices, but also includes returned checks that have not been repaid. If your business is being held back by these challenges, examine your accounts receivable management processes to identify the most significant pain points and areas of opportunity. Keep reading to learn how to improve your organization’s receivables management.

Financing that Grows With Your Business

This means fewer deviations from your well-oiled AR machine, saving time on burdensome, manual tasks. Automation offers fewer errors, more accurate billing, and faster billing, which help you facilitate better relationships with vendors. Vendors, like customers, will receive accurate, quickly generated invoices that can be accessed in a single, up-to-date portal. DETERMINE CUSTOMER’S CREDIT RATINGBefore agreeing to any terms or conditions or accepting a new customer, you’ll first need to identify whether or not they’re able to actually pay for your goods and/or services. This determination is based on the customer’s credit information and helps you decide if you’ll need to require payment upfront rather than extending a line of credit. So if all other attempts fail, you may need to get a collections agency involved.

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Written guidelines will make your life a lot easier, because they will provide you with a consistent, methodical approach to managing your accounts receivable. If you have a diverse customer base, remember that one-size-fits-all approach for receivables management simply doesn’t work. Revise your collection strategy depending on the size of your customer (large corporates, SMEs, or start-ups). Large corporates are process-intensive and require rigorous follow-up and communication with top management is critical.

Supply Chain Finance

Before moving processes online and automating tasks, it’s essential to understand your organization’s entire accounts receivable process to gauge areas for improvement. The best way to keep your cash flowing and maintain financial stability is to effectively manage accounts receivable. Having these KPIs in place is important because it allows you to monitor how effective your credit control or accounts receivables processes are and how much impact any changes you make have on that efficiency. If you wait until an invoice is overdue, you’ll likely face increased costs and a longer payment timeline. In some cases, you may even need to resort to debt recovery services in order to get the money you’re owed.

Understand customer data and performance behaviors to minimize the risk of bad debt and the impact of late payments. Monitor changes in real time to identify and analyze customer risk signals. If you use paper billing, you can still automate your communications to save time and streamline your process a little.

Outline Clear Billing Procedures

Some may want to make installment payments or pay by check, cash, money order, or use credit/debit cards. You may want to receive a portion of cash upfront by requiring a 15% deposit on orders. Robust AR management requires a strong process backed by powerful tools.

managing accounts receivables