To fight the aging effect that can make you look old, many people use anti-aging creams that include vitamins. One of the best things you can do for your all-around health and appearance is to drink less alcohol. But at Ria Health, we recognize that this can be easier said than done.

As a result, you might be more likely to experience atherosclerosis, or the buildup of plaque in your arteries. And that, of course, can raise your risk of heart attack or stroke. If you have a few whiskey and Cokes on a night out, you may wake up the next day with nasty hangovers. Dark spirits are known for giving people the worst hangovers and giving them lousy skin.


Many people struggle with alcohol dependency, and it can be hard to know how to begin to cut back. It can impact your physical, emotional, and spiritual health, too—making you not only look but also feel older than you are. Alcohol reduces the amount of vasopressin that your body makes. That’s why you often have to urinate more frequently when you’re drinking.

Drinking heavily and smoking for years are well-known features of an unhealthy lifestyle. They can also make you look older, according to a new study. People older than 65 who don’t take any medications should average no more than one drink a day (seven per week) and have no more than three at one sitting.

Disruption of Sleep Patterns

You may have more trouble regulating your emotions or managing your coordination. Along with a person’s exterior weight and skin, there are other aging issues that are related to excessive drinking. It becomes difficult to plan, pay attention, remember information, and learn. Excessive alcohol use increases free radicals in the body and causes sleep disruptions, which can lead to poor cognitive function. Markedly, most heavy drinkers experience puffy and red faces.

does alcohol make you look older

Because bingeing and excess drinking cause nutritional deficiencies, this can impact the overall health of your body, including your hair. Researchers have found that excessive alcohol consumption can affect the skin. The noticeable differences in skin complexions are often early signs of alcohol abuse.

Do Your Skincare Before Bed

For example, if a person experiences hair loss for a thyroid problem caused by drinking, this issue may be resolved when alcohol abuse ends. First, alcohol deprives you of vital nutrients your skin needs to thrive. So, overdoing the drinks can make you look older than you are. Because drinking alcohol dehydrates you, it can leave you with a dull look and bags under your eyes from poor quality sleep. To help battle the effects of drinking alcohol, drink plenty of water when you drink alcohol to stay hydrated.

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